Simple Radio Recorder & Scheduler

Simple Radio Recorder & Scheduler 1.2

Simple program to record satellite/radio/TV on schedule
1.2.2 (See all)

Offers to record satellite radio, AM/FM radio broadcasts on schedule into compact MP3 files. Also allows to schedule other events like running files and opening documents. Can wake system up from standby mode or hibernation. Allows to play back sound input in real time. Perfect to record sound broadcasts to skip all commercials later. It is my preferred way to record the Howard Stern Show.
Next are the specs for the program:
* Recording of the AM/FM, satellite radio broadcasts, as well as sound from your stereo system, Boom-box, TV, Internet Radio and computer software and games;
* Easy-to-understand step-by-step explanation of how to buy and install necessary hardware;
* Ability to record in MP3 and uncompressed PCM formats;
* Setting schedule for unattended recording of any length;
* Possibility to wake system up from standby mode or hibernation at scheduled time for recording;
* Setting other scheduled events like running programs, opening files and playing music, as well as sending the system into suspended state;
* Playing back of the live sound broadcast;
* Running from a command line to maximize potential application;
* And best of all - it is FREE if you register your copy within first 30 days!

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